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The 5.5 branch is working in FHS compliance, and it's a bit complex because
so much of vpopmail has been built on /home/vpopmail.  Normally vpopmail
looks for an existing tcp.smtp file and then favors that over it's desired
/home/vpopmail/etc location.  Adding the FHS favoring in also caused some
pathing issues with the tcp.smtp file.  Just force it for now.  This will
be worked out as 5.5 becomes the devel version.

Allright, actually I remember you saying this before. I forgot. I used:
--enable-tcpserver-file=/etc/tcp.smtp for now.

Warning: Failed while attempting to delete domain from auth backend"
Please do because I can't remember what happened with this.

Allright, below is a snippet of the email from before: (it seems to
happen after a clean install, at which time, no logins have been
recorded yet, perhaps the table is not yet created?


I performed a strace on the command vdeldomain and found:

write(4, "1\0\0\0\3delete from lastauth where d"..., 53) = 53
read(4, "0\0\0\1\377z\4#42S02Table 'vpopmail.last"..., 16384) = 52
write(2, "Warning: Failed while attempting "..., 68Warning: Failed while
attempting to delete domain from auth backend
) = 68

Manual investigation showed that there is no table "lastauth" in the
vpopmail database. Should this have been created on install ? or is this
created when somebody logs in? The error doesn't appear to be fatal, but it
is ugly.


- Wouter van der Schagt


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