This most probably is not a vpopmail problem, but a chkuser one.
The support page of chkuser ( points to this mailing list, so that's why I'm posting this here.

The mail server in question runs:

netqmail 1.05
vpopmail 5.4.17
chkuser 2.0.8b
simscan 1.1

Messages sent to existing and not overquota users on this server randomly (as far as I can tell) are rejected with this message:

Remote host said: 553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts (#5.5.3 - chkuser)

I've checked and double checked that the user exists and there was no typo when entering the destination email address. Sending again after a while to the same user ends up with the message into his mailbox without any issues. The server's /var/log/qmail/smtpd/current log file shows this about the rejected message:

2009-07-24 12:28:19.035629500 CHKUSER rejected relaying: from <sender's_email_address::> remote <remote_mail_server:unknown:remote_ip> rcpt <valid_u...@mail.domain.tld> : client not allowed to relay

The mailboxes on this machine are all respecting this pattern: u...@domain.tld The /var/qmail/control/me file lists this: mail.domain.tld, which is also the MX for domain.tld

/var/qmail/control/rcpthosts lists both domain.tld and mail.domain.tld
/var/qmail/control/virtualdomains shows domain.tld
/var/qmail/control/locals shows only mail.domain.tld
/var/qmail/control/defaultdomain only shows domain.tld

What could be wrong, but most of all, why is the error occurring only rarely (but often enough to be annoying)?

Thanks in advance for any answers you might be able to provide.

Bogdan Motoc


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