I have netqmail 1.06 on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 x86 following LWQ. I have installed vpopmail 5.4.28 with the following compile options

./configure --enable-file-sync --prefix=/buzones/ --enable-maildrop --enable-domainquotas

    So NO mysql support.

I have created a test domain (javierito.com) to test that everything works as desired. I see in /home/vpopmail (a symbolic link to /buzones/vpopmail) that in the folder /buzones/vpopmail/domains exists a folder called javierito.com

With qmailadmin I can create users successfully . I also have configured dovecot to auth against vpopmail, everything works great exepct that mail is NOT deliveres where it should.


    - I create a user pru...@javierito.com
- I check that /buzones/vpopmail/domains/javierito.com/prueba has been created, permissions and owner ok. - When I send a mail to pru...@javierito.com I see in /var/log/qmail/current the following:

@400000004acdd2f818008224 info msg 4485292: bytes 232 from <javierdemig...@us.es> qp 18966 uid 501 @400000004acdd2f81b7da2c4 starting delivery 2: msg 4485292 to local javierito.com-pru...@javierito.com
@400000004acdd2f81b7da6ac status: local 1/10 remote 0/20
@400000004acdd2f822f5af24 delivery 2: success: did_0+0+1/
@400000004acdd2f822f5b30c status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
@400000004acdd2f822f5b6f4 end msg 4485292

But mail does NOT appear in /buzones/vpopmail/domains/javierito.com/prueba/Maildir/new. Instead, the mail is delivered to /var/spool/mail/vpomail, in mbox format.

    I am a bit puzzled with this. I provide the following files:











| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

It's also very strange that I want to user Maildir, I put it in /var/qmail/rc launch script but anyway mail gets delivered in mbox...

What am I doing wrong? If I create a second user in that domain (ej: prueb...@javierito.com) it also fails, all messages are delivered via mbox to /var/spool/mail/vpopmail

I can provide more config files /logs /whatever to solve this problem.


Javier de Miguel


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