OK, I'm sold; I'll use SMTP-AUTH instead of POP-before-SMTP. I can authenticate from inside or outside the network, using SMTP-AUTH in either PLAIN or LOGIN mode. CRAM-MD5 is apparently not implemented (yet). I can only relay when I connect from inside the network. Attempting to relay from outside the network gives me the error "553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts."

I am not using a SQL db for the backend. Should I be seeing a file called open-smtp? It doesn't exist. How do I get this thing to allow me to relay from my dynamic IP address once I've authenticated with SMTP-AUTH?

CRAM-MD5 is only going to work if you have clear text passwords stored.

If your email domain is in locals, it will probably not work since it will try to auth via the local passwd/shadow files.

Your locals file should contain the name of your machine, not your email domain.




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