> @James: I used 'find' to look for both tcp.smtp and tcp.smtp.cdb, and
> found
> only two: the one in /etc, and the one in /home/vpopmail/etc.  None of
> them
> get updated when I authenticate.
tcp.smtp does NOT get updated by vpopmail, only the tcp.smtp.cdb file
does.  The tcp.smtp file contains the static list of relay addresses, and
is combined with a dynamic list maintained by the back end to build the
tcp.smtp.cdb file.  The pop-before-smtp stuff is maintained separately
depending on what backend you use (the open-smtp file for cdb, in the SQL
db for others) - grep for the UP in the actual CDB file to see if it's
being updated or not.

But as others said, don't use pop-before-smtp, use SMTP AUTH.


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