Hi Guys,
I am back, and I want to thank you ALL for all your help and assistance, you've 
all been very kind, patient and helpful. Sorry I've dropped off the map these 
last couple of weeks, but I underwent an operation to remove a cyst on my right 
Anyways, back to the issue at hand, I must confess I am a bit of an idiot. 
These last couple of days I've been busy packaging up the entire installation 
I've created as an rpm file. Having created an rpm, I installed it in a brand 
new FC12 box and to my horror, qmail would not start up, more specifically 
Checking the output of readproctitle and qmail-smtp/current log file, I saw a 
strange error: tcpserver could not bind to port 25, it was already in use - 
which needless to say stumped me completely. I couldn't understand what was 
taking up port 25, for the brand new box had a really minimal install of 
fedora, and I manually removed sendmail first thing. So, after a few days of 
blundering around like a fool, I discovered the culprit: EXIM. I couldn't 
believe it! I couldn't understand why or how exim got into my system, for I 
specifically didn't install it or any other smtp servers. Finally, I found out 
how it got it, via squirrelmail rpm. For some reason, suirrelmail rpm depends 
on exim (why I have no idea), which means that using yum to install 
squirrelmail automatically install exim as well. Which really begs the question 
- why on earth does squirrelmail depend on exim? Surely it should distribute 
without any dependency and let the user configure it with whatever backend they 
prefer, right? Please correct me if I am wrong.
Ok, so I removed exim. This fixed tcpserver starting up, but then it complained 
that it couldn't find validrcptto.cdb. Again I was stumped. So after much 
digging around, I realized what was going on. The qmail-smtp run file (from 
jms), was actually kicking in causing tcpserver and qmail-smtp unexpected 
behavior. After altering the run file accordingly everything worked just fine. 
So I went back to the original FC12 box, and discovered something even stranger 
- exim was installed and running AS WELL as tcpserver both binding on port 25. 
I reckon one was binding on localhost and the other on a specific ip address, 
causing both to start (without errors).
In any case, as a result of the above, I was able to fix qmail-smtp to use 
simscan + clamav/dspam. Needless to say, I had fun with those two as well. 
Mostly because both programs have changed, and the simscan distro hasn't been 
modified accordingly (and/or perhaps some changes are specific to Fedora). I 
had to manually alter the code in simscan to modify the dspam arguments, as 
--feature=chained is no longer supported and compiling with --with-dspam-args 
has no effect.
So, finally I decided to go the jms route and install multiple smtp services 
for security reasons. 1) smtp + tls port 25, 2) smtp + ssl port 465 (using 
sslserver). Sending an email via port 25 works just fine: authentication, 
simscan, clamav, dspam. But sending an email via port 465 results with this 
qmail-smtpd[23550]: AUTH failed [] postmas...@test10.com
/var/log/maillogDec 21 14:37:37 localhost vpopmail[23557]: vchkpw-smtps: 
vpopmail user not found postmas...@test10.com:
Does anyone have any idea why this happening under sslserver?
Many thanks,Michael.PS: Apologies for the lengthy blurb, but I thought I would 
share with everyone my discoveries.
> Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2009 02:37:13 +0200
> From: jukka.kurk...@tjc.fi
> To: vchkpw@inter7.com
> Subject: Re: [vchkpw] vdeliver perimission denied for vadddomain -u
> dovecot, to get around the uid 0 error.
> Michael Mussulis wrote:
> > sorry modify exactly which user_query? vopmail or dovecot?
> > 
> <snip>
> that one:
> >  > > user_query = SELECT pw_dir as home, pw_uid AS uid, pw_gid AS gid FROM
> >  > > vpopmail WHERE pw_name = '%n' AND pw_domain = '%d'
> and a side note:
> >  > > Also, the pw_uid/pw_gid in vpopmail table MUST have the correct 
> > uid/gid
> >  > > values for the domain if created with -u, other dovecot will fail with:
> that is not quite true, since its dovecot that fails, not vpopmail. so 
> vpopmail's table does not need to have correct uid/gid, it works fine 
> without them.
> ++jukka
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