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Michael Mussulis wrote:
> The solution is vadddomain -g 516 which creates the domain skeleton with
> vpopmail:mike4 owner and group. This ensures vpopmail can authenticate
> whilst maintaining group rights for file system quotas via group quotas.

The solution would be to run the process as root, rather than as vpopmail,
so that it can change to the UID :)

> Dovecot imap/imaps/pop3s still authenticate but ONLY if I specify a
> custom sql query in it's configuration AND update the vpopmail mysql
> table uid/gid with the corresponding values i.e. 507/516. Although this
> method works, I still feel there's something funky going with
> dovecot+vpopmail authentication. Having to manually update the vpopmail
> table with uid/gid after domain creation isn't very elegant, can
> something be done about this? Is it not possible to modify vpopmail to
> store the uid/gid instead of the constant values of 0/0?

No, because even though these fields are *called* uid/gid, they are not
meant to store that.  You should configure Dovecot to use vpopmail to
get the user information, rather than forming an SQL query yourself.

We run Dovecot on many of our installations without these problems.
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