Got it. Permissions for invoking sslserver are fine, no need to change 
anything. I traced the problem to vauth_getpw(), where vpopmail's user is 
compared to the domain uid/gid. Thus vadddomain -u mike4 creates the entire 
domain skeleton with uid/gid 516 (mike4), and vauth_getpw returns 507 for 
vpopmail - so it fails.
The solution is vadddomain -g 516 which creates the domain skeleton with 
vpopmail:mike4 owner and group. This ensures vpopmail can authenticate whilst 
maintaining group rights for file system quotas via group quotas.
Dovecot imap/imaps/pop3s still authenticate but ONLY if I specify a custom sql 
query in it's configuration AND update the vpopmail mysql table uid/gid with 
the corresponding values i.e. 507/516. Although this method works, I still feel 
there's something funky going with dovecot+vpopmail authentication. Having to 
manually update the vpopmail table with uid/gid after domain creation isn't 
very elegant, can something be done about this? Is it not possible to modify 
vpopmail to store the uid/gid instead of the constant values of 0/0?
> Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009 08:47:30 -0600
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> Subject: Re: [vchkpw] vdeliver perimission denied for vadddomain -u
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> Michael Mussulis wrote:
> > I am back, and I want to thank you ALL for all your help and assistance,
> > you've all been very kind, patient and helpful. Sorry I've dropped off
> > the map these last couple of weeks, but I underwent an operation to
> > remove a cyst on my right kidney.
> Glad to hear your kidney is now cyst free :)
> > /var/log/maillog
> > Dec 21 14:37:37 localhost vpopmail[23557]: vchkpw-smtps: vpopmail user
> > not found
> > 
> > Does anyone have any idea why this happening under sslserver?
> It would appear that vchkpw may not have permissions to look up the user.  
> Make sure
> it's not being run as an underprivileged user.  The sslserver arguments 
> related to
> running the qmail-smtp process should be identical to tcpserver.
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