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Trey Nolen wrote:
> We are currently building a new mail server and migrating from an
> existing one.  I know there has been some issues with Courier and
> Vpopmail as far as authentication goes and that Courier has dropped
> support for Vpopmail.   Our old server still has Sqwebmail as one of the
> web interfaces.  In order to smooth the transition, I had planned on
> including Sqwebmail on the new one. However, we are upgrading our
> Vpopmail and are using Dovecot (we migrated to Dovecot from Courier on
> the old one too).
> So, my question is that since we are upgrading our Vpopmail, can I
> download the current Courier authentication library (0.63.0) and use it
> for Sqwebmail?  Or is Sqwebmail just not supported with Vpopmail anymore
> because of the authentication issues?  I can drop it if necessary and
> migrate our users to one of our newer interfaces, but I just wanted to
> keep it around if I could for those users who don't like change.

Courier has dropped support for vpopmail because they want to focus on their
own MTA, is my understanding.  As a result, vpopmail has dropped support for

I would recommend SquirrelMail/Nutsmail or Roundcube talking to Dovecot.  Both
interfaces are far superior to SqWebmail in every way.
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