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Trey Nolen wrote:
We are currently building a new mail server and migrating from an
existing one.  I know there has been some issues with Courier and
Vpopmail as far as authentication goes and that Courier has dropped
support for Vpopmail.   Our old server still has Sqwebmail as one of the
web interfaces.  In order to smooth the transition, I had planned on
including Sqwebmail on the new one. However, we are upgrading our
Vpopmail and are using Dovecot (we migrated to Dovecot from Courier on
the old one too).
So, my question is that since we are upgrading our Vpopmail, can I
download the current Courier authentication library (0.63.0) and use it
for Sqwebmail?  Or is Sqwebmail just not supported with Vpopmail anymore
because of the authentication issues?  I can drop it if necessary and
migrate our users to one of our newer interfaces, but I just wanted to
keep it around if I could for those users who don't like change.

Courier has dropped support for vpopmail because they want to focus on their
own MTA, is my understanding.  As a result, vpopmail has dropped support for

I would recommend SquirrelMail/Nutsmail or Roundcube talking to Dovecot.  Both
interfaces are far superior to SqWebmail in every way.
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Yes, those are the other two we use. However, our customers are able to setup filters using the Sqwebmail interface currently. Is there any replacement solution if we do away with Sqwebmail?

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