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> Victor Subervi wrote:
>  On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 3:08 PM, Eric Shubert <e...@shubes.net <mailto:
>> e...@shubes.net>> wrote:
>>    If you're just getting started with qmailrocks, you might try
>>    http://qmailtoaster.com instead. They're very similar, but I think
>>    you'll find qmail-toaster much easier, and you won't have this sort
>>    of problem with it. Plus the community support there is great.
>> Before plunging into that, I've got a __working__ qmail and vpopmail that
>> I don't want to rip out. Advice?
>> TIA,
>> V
> I honestly don't know enough about your situation to give an intelligent
> recommendation. Sorry.

Well in that case I think I'd like to leave my current qmail and vpopmail
installation alone. Is it possible to install vpopmaild by itself, or do I
have to rip out my current installation of vpopmail?


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