Have you done any dspam training? Dspam on its own knows nothing of spam. What 
makes it so powerful is how it learns based on what you teach it. Either via 
corpus training or training via the web interface. The dspam documentation goes 
over that in quite a bit of detail. It looks like otherwise your installation 
is correct and your issue looks to be training related.



From: Michael Mussulis [mailto:mike_at...@hotmail.com] 
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2010 03:21 AM
To: vpopmail <vchkpw@inter7.com> 
Subject: [vchkpw] DSPAM configuration & usage? (vpopmail + simscan + maildrop + 

Hi All,

First of, apologies if this is a silly question, but I am VERY VERY confused 
with regards to DSPAM configuration/usage.
I am mostly used to SpamAssassin, and have configured it many times before, 
with the result of it working more or less straight out of the box. However, SA 
is no longer a viable option due to its poor performance so I switched to DSPAM.

I have compiled, installed and configured DSPAM on my server, and can say it is 
executed - but spam is still coming in and it looks like DSPAM is not blocking 
any spam at all.
I am absolutely convinced I have missed something in the configuration, 
somewhere, most likely (in my humble opinion) due to its very poor 
documentation. I have not found an adequate guide, listing clearly all the 
steps required to get it to work, i.e. to classify and block spam.

Can anyone help please? I have included a log excerpt showing simscan/dspam fun 
I have read the documentation, but I am still none the wiser as to the 
CORRECT/PROPER method of integrating DSPAM with vpopmail + maildrop.

Additional questions:
1. Does DSPAM identify spam at all upon first time installation?
2. Does DSPAM need aliases to classify spam?

Please help.


@400000004c63c01229c083c4 qmail-smtpd[12137]: Received-SPF: none 
(mail.stellarent.com: domain at doctormount.com does not designate permitted 
sender hosts)
@400000004c63c01229c127d4 qmail-smtpd[12137]: MAIL 
@400000004c63c01229c18594 qmail-smtpd[12137]: RCPT TO:<lo...@stellarent.com>
@400000004c63c01229cd7c14 simscan: cdb looking up
@400000004c63c01229cd83e4 simscan: cdb for  found clam=yes,spam=yes
@400000004c63c01229cd87cc simscan: pelookup clam = yes
@400000004c63c01229cd87cc simscan: pelookup spam = yes
@400000004c63c01229cd8bb4 simscan: starting: work dir: 
@400000004c63c01e29a5df74 simscan: pelookup: called with 
@400000004c63c01e29a5eb2c simscan: pelookup: domain is doctormount.com
@400000004c63c01e29a5ef14 simscan: cdb looking up doctormount.com
@400000004c63c01e29a5ef14 simscan: pelookup: local part is sympathizeuzu
@400000004c63c01e29a5f2fc simscan: lpart: local part is **
@400000004c63c01e29a5f6e4 simscan: cdb looking up sympathize...@doctormount.com
@400000004c63c01e29a5facc simscan: pelookup: called with lo...@stellarent.com
@400000004c63c01e29a63d34 simscan: pelookup: domain is stellarent.com
@400000004c63c01e29a6411c simscan: cdb looking up stellarent.com
@400000004c63c01e29a64504 si mscan: pelookup: local part is logie
@400000004c63c01e29a648ec simscan: lpart: local part is **
@400000004c63c01e29a64cd4 simscan: cdb looking up lo...@stellarent.com
@400000004c63c01e29a650bc simscan: calling dspam
@400000004c63c01e29a650bc simscan: calling /usr/local/bin/dspam  dspamc 
--stdout --client --feature=noise --deliver=innocent,spam --debug --user 
@400000004c63c01e2a6c2d14 simscan:[12137]:CLEAN (0.0000/0.9899):12.0106s:Your 
style will be modish and unique with our accessories. You will be more 
successful with our branded 
@400000004c63c01e2a6c8304 simscan: DSPAM reported message as NOT being SPAM
@400000004c63c01e2a7e22bc simscan: calling clamdscan
@400000004c63c01e2b0b8224 simscan: clamdscan: 
/usr/local/var/qmail/simscan/1281605640.701223.12138: OK
@400000004c63c01e2b137164 simscan: clam dscan:
@400000004c63c01e2b13d30c simscan: clamdscan: ----------- SCAN SUMMARY 
@400000004c63c01e2b1891e4 simscan: clamdscan: Infected files: 0
@400000004c63c01e2b1afefc simscan: clamdscan: Time: 0.008 sec (0 m 0 s)
@400000004c63c01e2b1ea87c simscan: cdb looking up version clamav
@400000004c63c01e2b1f5c2c simscan: runned_scanners is  clamav: 
@400000004c63c01e2b1fa27c simscan: found 0.95.2/m:51/d:10088
@400000004c63c01e2b1ff09c simscan: normal clamdscan return code: 0
@400000004c63c01e2b20756c simscan: done, execing qmail-queue
@400000004c63c01e32f1291c simscan: qmail-queue exited 0



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