I cannot answer your questions regarding DSPAM.

However, given your performance issues with SA, I'd like to point you toward spamdyke (http://spamdyke.org). Spamdyke typically blocks 80%+ of spam before the message is even transmitted, which lightens the load on SA considerably since there is much less mail to scan. It's really pretty amazing. I highly recommend it.

-Eric 'shubes'

Michael Mussulis wrote:
Hi All,

First of, apologies if this is a silly question, but I am VERY VERY confused with regards to DSPAM configuration/usage. I am mostly used to SpamAssassin, and have configured it many times before, with the result of it working more or less straight out of the box. However, SA is no longer a viable option due to its poor performance so I switched to DSPAM.

I have compiled, installed and configured DSPAM on my server, and can say it is executed - but spam is still coming in and it looks like DSPAM is not blocking any spam at all. I am absolutely convinced I have missed something in the configuration, somewhere, most likely (in my humble opinion) due to its very poor documentation. I have not found an adequate guide, listi ng clearly all the steps required to get it to work, i.e. to classify and block spam.

Can anyone help please? I have included a log excerpt showing simscan/dspam functionality. I have read the documentation, but I am still none the wiser as to the CORRECT/PROPER method of integrating DSPAM with vpopmail + maildrop.

Additional questions:
1. Does DSPAM identify spam at all upon first time installation?
2. Does DSPAM need aliases to classify spam?

Please help.


@400000004c63c01229c083c4 qmail-smtpd[12137]: Received-SPF: none (mail.stellarent.com: domain at doctormount.com does not designate permitted sender hosts) @400000004c63c01229c127d4 qmail-smtpd[12137]: MAIL FROM:<sympathize...@doctormount.com>
@400000004c63c01229c18594 qmail-smtpd[12137]: RCPT TO:<lo...@stellarent.com>
@400000004c63c01229cd7c14 simscan: cdb looking up
@400000004c63c01229cd83e4 simscan: cdb for  found clam=yes,spam=yes
@400000004c63c01229cd87cc simscan: pelookup clam = yes
@400000004c63c01229cd87cc simscan: pelookup spam = yes
@400000004c63c01229cd8bb4 simscan: starting: work dir: /usr/local/var/qmail/simscan/1281605640.701223.12138 @400000004c63c01e29a5df74 simscan: pelookup: called with sympathize...@doctormount.com
@400000004c63c01e29a5eb2c simscan: pelookup: domain is doctormount.com
@400000004c63c0 1e29a5ef14 simscan: cdb looking up doctormount.com
@400000004c63c01e29a5ef14 simscan: pelookup: local part is sympathizeuzu
@400000004c63c01e29a5f2fc simscan: lpart: local part is **
@400000004c63c01e29a5f6e4 simscan: cdb looking up sympathize...@doctormount.com @400000004c63c01e29a5facc simscan: pelookup: called with lo...@stellarent.com
@400000004c63c01e29a63d34 simscan: pelookup: domain is stellarent.com
@400000004c63c01e29a6411c simscan: cdb looking up stellarent.com
@400000004c63c01e29a64504 simscan: pelookup: local part is logie
@400000004c63c01e29a648ec simscan: lpart: local part is **
@400000004c63c01e29a64cd4 simscan: cdb looking up lo...@stellarent.com
@400000004c63c01e29a650bc s imscan: calling dspam
@400000004c63c01e29a650bc simscan: calling /usr/local/bin/dspam dspamc --stdout --client --feature=noise --deliver=innocent,spam --debug --user vpopmail @400000004c63c01e2a6c2d14 simscan:[12137]:CLEAN (0.0000/0.9899):12.0106s:Your style will be modish and unique with our accessories. You will be more successful with our branded accessories.:
@400000004c63c01e2a6c8304 simscan: DSPAM reported message as NOT being SPAM
@400000004c63c01e2a7e22bc simscan: calling clamdscan
@400000004c63c01e2b0b8224 simscan: clamdscan: /usr/local/var/qmail/simscan/1281605640.701223.12138: OK
@400000004c63c01e2b137164 simscan: clamdscan:
@400000004c63c0 1e2b13d30c simscan: clamdscan: ----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
@400000004c63c01e2b1891e4 simscan: clamdscan: Infected files: 0
@400000004c63c01e2b1afefc simscan: clamdscan: Time: 0.008 sec (0 m 0 s)
@400000004c63c01e2b1ea87c simscan: cdb looking up version clamav
@400000004c63c01e2b1f5c2c simscan: runned_scanners is clamav: 0.95.2/m:51/d:10088
@400000004c63c01e2b1fa27c simscan: found 0.95.2/m:51/d:10088
@400000004c63c01e2b1ff09c simscan: normal clamdscan return code: 0
@400000004c63c01e2b20756c simscan: done, execing qmail-queue
@400000004c63c01e32f1291c simscan: qmail-queue exited 0


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