I have qmail 1.03 with several patches including qmail-smtpd-auth-0.4.3 and vpopmail 5.4.33.

After upgrading Debian 6 -> 7, I broke SMTP-AUTH *only* when using stunnel for SSL.

When trying to auth over stunnel4, i see:
454 oops, problem with child and I can't auth (#4.3.0)

syslog shows:
Jun 21 23:19:29 s4 vpopmail[3080]: vchkpw-smtps: (PLAIN) login success u...@example.com:

using smtp-auth on port 25 or 587 works fine.


i modified smtps.conf to use strace like:
exec = /usr/bin/strace
execargs = /usr/bin/strace -ff -o /tmp/vchkpw.dump /var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw /bin/true

the dumps are at:

i tried increasing & just removing softlimit.
i tried recompiling/reinstalling vpopmail

I dont think the problem is with stunnel since the SSL layer is working fine.

I'm out of ideas.  More eyes please ?


Jeremy Kister


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