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> Hi,
> On 2014-08-25 2:55 PM, Charles Sprickman wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> A quick question, curious about what others are doing…
>> We still use qmailadmin with our vpopmail setup, because it does handle all 
>> the basics pretty well.  One weakness that’s giving us grief is forwarding.  
>> Since qmailadmin has no option to both pipe the mail through the spam 
>> scanner and *then* forward only clean emails, we end up forwarding large 
>> amounts of spam to various large mail providers.  These providers may or may 
>> not view that as spam being sourced from *us*, and then throttle/queue/block 
>> us.
>> For some people that I know are never going to touch qmailadmin, I put 
>> together my own maildrop config to handle this, but I don’t have a solution 
>> for the more general users that might change the forwarding settings.
>> What’s everyone else doing?
>> Thanks,
>> Charles
> I block the spam before it enters the system using simscan.

Thanks - not an option here since I need to allow users to opt in or out, etc.

I do run with the spamc and maildrop options enabled.  I know that with the 
spamc switch, all mail is being scanned.  I’m not totally sure where 
vdelivermail normally throws email to qmail-inject in the delivery path, or if 
the maildrop patch causes maildrop to always do final delivery.  If maildrop is 
the last thing in the chain, I’m wondering if I can short-circuit the existing 
forward mechanism and force a “toss this if spam flag is “YES”…

Off to try to follow vdelivermail.c…  :)



> Regards,
> Rick


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