At issue was that qmail only processes the ".qmail-alias" files in the domain 
directory.  It then hands off to vdelivermail via the .qmail-default file in 
the domain directory.

The vdelivermail program is what parses the "user/.qmail" file for delivery 
instructions.  While that file follows the same format as other .qmail-alias 
files, I would agree that it would have been clearer to use .vpopmail as the 
filename so users would know that the qmail programs weren't responsible for 
processing it.  If we had remained true to the qmail way, shouldn't it have 
been "user/.qmail-default" and supported "user/.qmail-alias" files to handle 
email addressed to "user-al...@example.com"?


On Aug 28, 2014, at 12:09 PM, Rick Widmer wrote:

> What I am peeved about was people on the qmail list complaining about the 
> 'strange' way that vpopmail handles .qmail files, or wanting them to be 
> renamed to .vpopmail files when the fact of the matter is that qmail only 
> hands off delivery for individual users after qmail-local can't find any 
> matching .qmail files in the domain directory. (.qmail-default)
> The humorous part is that the 'strange' behavior they complain about is the 
> standard behavior of qmail and vpopmail may not be involved in the delivery 
> at all.  (Aliases and mailing lists are controlled by the .qmail files in the 
> domain directory.)


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