On 8/28/2014 7:26 AM, Eric Shubert wrote:
On 08/27/2014 11:24 PM, Rick Widmer wrote:
One thing to remember, and one of my pet peeves...

Out of all of the files in ~vpopmail/domains/example.com/ only one,
.qmail-default has anything to do with the vpopmail delivery process.

When qmail-local tries to deliver a message to the domain it looks at
all of the .qmail-* files in the domain directory, and processes the
.qmail* file that best matches the incoming address.  If no other
.qmail file matches .qmail-default is processed, which is where
vdelivermail gets control.

see:    man dot-qmail

.qmail files in ~vpopmail/domains/example.com/username will be handled
by vdelivermail depending on compiler options.

Vpopmail and qmailadmin do manage the .qmail files in the domain
directory, but during the delivery process qmail does not pass control
to vpopmail unless none of the other .qmail files match.

Thanks for this explanation Rick. Now knowing how this actually works, I
think I'll join you in being peeved about it. Not knowing any better, I
would have presumed that the user d-q files would have been processed
before the domain d-q files. Makes me wonder what the rationale is/was
for processing the domain files first.

You don't know it is a user until you have verified the incoming address does not match any aliases or mailing lists.

Actually I consider the way it works to be an elegant design. You use the standard facilities in qmail to handle the domain directory, and only fire up vdelivermail to lookup individual users and forwards within the domain. This is especially important for mailing lists because ezmlm and qmail are tightly coupled.

What I am peeved about was people on the qmail list complaining about the 'strange' way that vpopmail handles .qmail files, or wanting them to be renamed to .vpopmail files when the fact of the matter is that qmail only hands off delivery for individual users after qmail-local can't find any matching .qmail files in the domain directory. (.qmail-default)

The humorous part is that the 'strange' behavior they complain about is the standard behavior of qmail and vpopmail may not be involved in the delivery at all. (Aliases and mailing lists are controlled by the .qmail files in the domain directory.)


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