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> On 09/01/2014 01:31 AM, Laurent Bercot wrote:
>> On 01/09/2014 03:11, Eric Shubert wrote:
>>> Does anyone have any insight or recommendations for how to best use
>>> dovecot's LDA along with vpopmail and qmail? QMT already uses dovecot
>>> for imap and pop3 services. We're simply looking to take the next
>>> logical step.
>>  Not answering your question, but:
>>  I use vpopmail with dovecot too, and it works flawlessly without
>> using the dovecot LDA. What would be the benefit of using the
>> dovecot LDA since you have to go through vdelivermail anyway ?
>> It adds a step, which has a cost; to be worth it, the benefits have
>> to outweigh that cost.
> The benefit is sieve, which provides server side filtering. With the use of 
> multiple (imap) mail clients (phones, tablets, etc), having the server do the 
> filtering/filing of messages makes good sense. I don't think having the 
> messages pass through vpopmail as well as deliver would impact performance 
> all that much. If that's what it takes, to me I expect it'd be worth it.


The other benefit is actually performance, and for a few reasons.  First, if 
Dovecot’s LDA is allowed to deliver, it can update the message indexes on 
delivery, rather than waiting for a POP or IMAP connection.  I believe this is 
incremental, so doing it on each delivery means the IMAP/POP session will be 
more responsive.  Second, I believe you would then be free to choose from any 
of the mailbox formats Dovecot supports.  Maildir is fine, but if you’re trying 
to bring your vpopmail install into the modern world and are offering multi-GB 
mailboxes and such, allowing server-side search for all those iDevices and 
such, the other mailbox formats might be a much better choice: 
http://wiki2.dovecot.org/MailboxFormat  Dovecot’s dbox format also offers the 
ability to keep older mail elsewhere, so you can have a set of fast drives for 
the first few GBs of mail, and larger, slower, cheaper storage for the 
long-term archives.

It’s probably possible to use Dovecot’s LDA somehow, but it’s going to involve 
untangling vdelivermail, which is not simple.  I do have “maildrop delivery” 
enabled on my install, and as best I can tell it is actually calling maildrop 
for the final delivery, as that’s how I am looking for spam-tagged messages and 
sending them to the spam box (using a global maildroprc as provided in the 
vpopmail distribution - see also README.maildrop).  A brave person could try 
building vpopmail with the maildrop path set to the dovecot LDA path and see 
what happens. :)


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