The desired process is what the community decides it is. A good measure of success of the process is where people don't say, wow, where did that come from. Its always a balance to figure out how to be most productive and be community oriented at the same time. Keeping a number of other folks informed about what your doing outside of code drops feels like chugging through mud at times. Alan's suggestions of using JIRA was exactly that, just a suggestion. The community needs to determine what they like and they can always change it over time as the community dynamics change as well.

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We fully agree and understand the meaning of the community. Communication is vital.

But my main point is we still need to know the desired process flow of what is expected. To date we have not been informed of the proper steps. So having a process outlined is important.

This isn't something we're doing on the side, (supporting VCL - the production system at NCSU and it's development), it is our full-time focus.

We'll start working on the suggestions Alan mentioned below as a starting point, but again we'd appreciate a quick bullet list of do's and don'ts as soon as someone gets the chance.


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