I am now trying the operation of VCL. A problem comes about that the IP
Addresses in the "Computer Utility" List are all "".

I had got information from http://ibiblio.org/vclvm/  telling us to change
the IPs to match the public IPs via DHCP service. But when i tried to login
into the managed Blade via remote control, i was puzzled at the unknown root
password. And even after a new reservation has been created and then logined
( via remote control), the command ifconfig is still invalid~

Will you please answer me two questions ?
1. how could i get the public ip of the managed blades and then match them
efficiently ?
2. is there any way to get the public IPs from blades to the Computer
Utility List automatically ?

PS: i am using VCL VM version 1.6 now got from http://ibiblio.org/vclvm/.
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