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Good points, things for bringing them up.  My responses are inline...

On Thursday June 18, 2009, Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> A couple of things to think about in releasing VCL.
> What kind of experience are we looking for in terms of what the user
> has to do?
> 1. Are they going to download a zip / tgz that will include
> installation instructions ?
> - One thing to think about is can an OVA be created that has a fully
> ready VCL to be started as a Virtual machine?  Not sure if anyone else
> is doing this so the licensing might be interesting.

I think we should at least have a zip/tgz and installation instructions 
available.  It would be really great if we can get the licensing situation 
worked out to do virtual machine release.

> 2. Will there be a script to help them install VCL
> - or, will they need to follow a manual set of instructions

I think there should always be manual instructions.  I'd like to see a script, 
but it may take a while to put together.

> 3. What dependencies would be needed for them to get VCL up and running?
> - Database
> - setup Apache HTTP Server with PHP
> - Virtual environment

I think we'll need to provide several sets of answers to this question 
depending on how complex of a setup someone wants.  If just using VCL to 
manage existing VMWare servers, it would be much simpler than to do 
bare-metal installs of blades (i.e. getting xCAT installed and configured).

> I think the answer to the user experience will drive the packaging
> discussion for the release.  This will in turn drive some other
> thoughts in terms of software licenses, etc.
> Thoughts?

Another thing we need to do is designate someone to be a release manager.  I'm 
happy to do that.  However, I'll be out on vacation next week; so, there 
wouldn't be any progress on my part toward a release until after I get back.

I'm not sure where I stand right now on ease of user experience vs. getting 
the release out.  We can create baseline infrastructure test scripts and 
install scripts to ease the user experience, but those would take a while to 
put together.  What may be a good idea is to come up with a list of scripts 
and features of those scripts and then add that in to the development 
roadmap.  Then, we can have at least something initially, but then have a 
planned route to developing them further to make the user experience better 
with each release.

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