There is a dependency utility called wsname.exe. The site from which this utility had been obtained no longer exists and doesn't appear to have moved:

The wsname.exe utility is used by VCL to name Windows computers. It does a reverse DNS lookup so that the computer name is set to the name registered for its public IP address. The utility is called by set_computer_name.vbs when a Windows image is loaded. The utility is not vital for the load process to work. The computer will receive a random name if the script is missing or fails to run. I have seen this occur without causing any problems.

A script could be written to perform the same functionality as wsname.exe but this would delay the 2.1 release if it had to be included. I propose removing all references to wsname.exe for the 2.1 release. Windows computers will receive random names. I can work on a script after 2.1 is released.



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