I have removed the wsname.exe sections from the README and INSTALLATION files and added a comment to set_computer_name.vbs to explain that wsname.exe is no longer available. I left the script intact in case someone has a previously released version of wsname.exe. The load process should not fail regardless of the existence of wsname.exe. I also updated the following page with a description of the issue:

Unless there is further discussion of this issue, I think we can consider it resolved and proceed with the 2.1 release tasks.


Andy Kurth wrote:
Good idea Henry. I'll include explanatory comments in the sections of the scripts that are modified.

The utility is mentioned in:

I can include a complete description of the issue on this page.

The utility is currently mentioned in the conditional dependency list in the README file. I think it should simply be removed from README.

The utility is also mentioned in the INSTALLATION file. I could include a blurb in this file but would prefer to just remove the section to avoid confusion for people setting up VCL.


Henry E Schaffer wrote:
Andy writes:
There is a dependency utility called wsname.exe. The site from which this utility had been obtained no longer exists and doesn't appear to have moved:

The wsname.exe utility is used by VCL to name Windows computers. It does a reverse DNS lookup so that the computer name is set to the name registered for its public IP address. The utility is called by set_computer_name.vbs when a Windows image is loaded. The utility is not vital for the load process to work. The computer will receive a random name if the script is missing or fails to run. I have seen this occur without causing any problems.

A script could be written to perform the same functionality as wsname.exe but this would delay the 2.1 release if it had to be included. I propose removing all references to wsname.exe for the 2.1 release. Windows computers will receive random names. I can work on a script after 2.1 is released.

  If this wsname naming is desireable, then I suggest keeping a
reference to it, and commenting out the call, and giving the above

  This would allow people to see this added functionality, and
understand what's going on and why.  (This could be important if there
are any circumstances in which this functionality is actually needed.)

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