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Legal advisers,

We at the Apache VCL project are trying to get our first release out.  VCL is 
a cloud management framework.  It is written in perl and php.

While there is no third party software bundled with VCL, there are two types 
of third party software dependencies we have questions about.

The first, required perl modules, may not even be considered third party.  For 
the perl code, we have a script that will install all required additional 
perl modules.  There's about 14 such modules (with the possibility that some 
of them may already be installed).  Most of those modules say they are 
licensed under the same terms as perl itself.  A few of them explicitly state 
they are licensed under one of "Artistic License", GPL, or LGPL.  How should 
we go about listing these licenses?  Should they be listed out in the README 
file, the NOTICE file, or somewhere else?  The script that installs them 
displays a message stating that it will install some items licensed 
under "Artistic License", GPL, and LGPL and requires that you type YES to 
proceed with installing them.

The second type of third party software depends on how you want to use VCL.  
VCL can manage physical machines using xCAT (which must be set up separately 
and is outside the scope of installing VCL), or VCL can manage VMWare based 
systems, with other hypervisors to be added in later.  Also, there is some 
experimental work being done to support intelligent storage, starting with 
NetApp filers.  Here's where things get a little more complicated.  If using 
xCAT to deploy linux on any hardware, or to deploy windows on identical 
hardware, there is no third party software required (other than the perl 
modules already discussed).  However, if deploying windows to different types 
of hardware, you must download Sysprep from Microsoft, along with any drivers 
to support the different types of hardware.

If using VCL to manage VMWare systems, you need VMWare's perl libraries.  
Similarly, if managing a NetApp filer, you need NetApp's perl libraries.  

How do we need to list out/explain these dependencies?

Thanks for your help,
Josh Thompson
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Josh Thompson
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