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On Thursday October 29, 2009, Josh Thompson wrote:
> Legal advisers,
> We at the Apache VCL project are trying to get our first release out.  VCL
> is a cloud management framework.  It is written in perl and php.
> While there is no third party software bundled with VCL, there are two
> types of third party software dependencies we have questions about.
> The first, required perl modules, may not even be considered third party. 
> For the perl code, we have a script that will install all required
> additional perl modules.  There's about 14 such modules (with the
> possibility that some of them may already be installed).  Most of those
> modules say they are licensed under the same terms as perl itself.  A few
> of them explicitly state they are licensed under one of "Artistic License",
> GPL, or LGPL.  How should we go about listing these licenses?  Should they
> be listed out in the README file, the NOTICE file, or somewhere else?  The
> script that installs them displays a message stating that it will install
> some items licensed under "Artistic License", GPL, and LGPL and requires
> that you type YES to proceed with installing them.
> The second type of third party software depends on how you want to use VCL.
> VCL can manage physical machines using xCAT (which must be set up
> separately and is outside the scope of installing VCL), or VCL can manage
> VMWare based systems, with other hypervisors to be added in later.  Also,
> there is some experimental work being done to support intelligent storage,
> starting with NetApp filers.  Here's where things get a little more
> complicated.  If using xCAT to deploy linux on any hardware, or to deploy
> windows on identical hardware, there is no third party software required
> (other than the perl modules already discussed).  However, if deploying
> windows to different types of hardware, you must download Sysprep from
> Microsoft, along with any drivers to support the different types of
> hardware.
> If using VCL to manage VMWare systems, you need VMWare's perl libraries.
> Similarly, if managing a NetApp filer, you need NetApp's perl libraries.
> How do we need to list out/explain these dependencies?
> Thanks for your help,
> Josh Thompson
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