I successfully built a vmware-based Windows 7 base image by doing the following:

Inserted the following entry in the OS table:
| id | name       | prettyname       | type    | installtype | sourcepath    | 
moduleid |
| 36 | vmwarewin7 | VMware Windows 7 | windows | vmware      | vmware_images |  
      7 | 

In my case, moduleid 7 is the os_winvista module, which worked fine since 
Windows 7 is based off the Vista engine.

Followed procedure at 

Also had to do the following in the image itself:
- Disable UAC by going to User Accounts, select Change User Account Control
  settings, and moving slider to Never Notify.
- Remove IPv6 and tunneling network adapters by disabling the IPHelper service,
  modifying the adapter properties by unchecking IPv6, uninstalling the 2
  discovery services, and deleting the tunnel adapters in Device Manager.
- After running cywin-sshd-config.sh, do:
        - cygrunsrv --stop sshd
        - exit cygwin shell
        - cd c:\cygwin\bin
        - ash
        - /usr/bin/rebaseall
        - exit
        - cd c:\cygwin
        - cygwin.bat
        - cygrunsrv --start sshd
  (This was necessary to get cygwin to work properly.)
- Disable scheduled defrag.

I haven't built a bare-metal version, but seems like that should work as well.

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I am looking for any documentation on building a windows 7 base image. Any 
and all help is greatly appreciated!

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