I experimented with Windows 7 a few months ago and configured it to use the Vista module as Mike did. This was a bare metal image. It worked pretty well. UAC should be disabled for any Vista, 2008, or 7 base images. I also recall having to perform the extra Cygwin steps Mike mentioned for Windows 7.

I created a Jira issue (VCL-301) and will begin working on updating the backend code and adding the neccessary OS and Module entries to the schema. There shouldn't be too much to change to the code, but I'll make Perl modules to match the existing design. The scheduled defrag should already be disabled by the Vista capture code. I'll check on this.

Mike - Which version of VMware are you running it on? I tried GSX 1.9 a few months ago and had trouble getting Windows 7 to boot. Did you have to update VMware Tools? I tried the same steps on VMware GSX 2.0 and it worked without problems.


Waldron, Michael H wrote:
I successfully built a vmware-based Windows 7 base image by doing the following:

Inserted the following entry in the OS table:
| id | name       | prettyname       | type    | installtype | sourcepath    | 
moduleid |
| 36 | vmwarewin7 | VMware Windows 7 | windows | vmware | vmware_images | 7 | +----+------------+------------------+---------+-------------+---------------+----------+

In my case, moduleid 7 is the os_winvista module, which worked fine since 
Windows 7 is based off the Vista engine.

Followed procedure at http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/VCL/Create+a+Windows+Base+Image

Also had to do the following in the image itself:
- Disable UAC by going to User Accounts, select Change User Account Control
  settings, and moving slider to Never Notify.
- Remove IPv6 and tunneling network adapters by disabling the IPHelper service,
  modifying the adapter properties by unchecking IPv6, uninstalling the 2
  discovery services, and deleting the tunnel adapters in Device Manager.
- After running cywin-sshd-config.sh, do:
        - cygrunsrv --stop sshd
        - exit cygwin shell
        - cd c:\cygwin\bin
        - ash
        - /usr/bin/rebaseall
        - exit
        - cd c:\cygwin
        - cygwin.bat
        - cygrunsrv --start sshd
  (This was necessary to get cygwin to work properly.)
- Disable scheduled defrag.

I haven't built a bare-metal version, but seems like that should work as well.

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I am looking for any documentation on building a windows 7 base image. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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