Hello community,

I have been working on a new provisioning module for VCL. With this module
the VCL will be able to provision instances on the IBM Developer Could. I
have written a alpha version of it and currently I am working on
integrating it with VCL, so i can test it out.
However I have some problems with this. I have followed the instruction
from the helloworld.pm (which is an example provisioning module).

I added the new module to the database.
   INSERT INTO `module` (`id`, `name`, `prettyname`, `description`,
   `perlpackage`) VALUES
   (17, 'ccmp', 'CCMP', 'IBM Cloud', 'VCL::Module::Provisioning::ccmp');

I added the new provisioning module to the database.
   INSERT INTO `provisioning` (`id`, `name`, `prettyname`, `moduleid`)
   (6, 'ccmp', 'CCMP', 17);

>From the web interface I added a new computer to use this provisioning
   Hostname: ibm1
   IP: (we are not going to connect to a computer but call the IBM
   Cloud API)
   State: available
   Owner: Admin
   Platform: i386
   Schedule: VCL 24x7
   Current Images: no images
   RAM: 2000
   No. Processors: 1
   Processor Speed: 2000
   Network Speed: 100
   Computer ID: 4
   Type: virtualmachine
   Provisioning Engine: CCMP (outrnew module)

Insert into the database a new image.
   INSERT INTO `image` (`id`, `name`, `prettyname`, `ownerid`,
   `platformid`, `OSid`, `imagemetaid`, `minram`, `minprocnumber`,
   `minprocspeed`, `minnetwork`, `maxconcurrent`, `reloadtime`, `deleted`,
   `test`, `lastupdate`, `forcheckout`, `maxinitialtime`, `project`,
   `size`) VALUES
   (12, 'rhl5-v0-id20001151', 'Red Hat Linux on IBM CLoud', 1, 1, 13, NULL,
   1024, 1, 2000, 10, NULL, 60, 0, 0, '2008-03-24 14:23:54', 1, 0, 'vcl',
        The only thing that is really needed for the provisioning module is
the imageid which is part of the imagename

Add a revision to the image, in the imagerevision table.
   INSERT INTO `imagerevision` (`id`, `imageid`, `revision`, `userid`,
   `datecreated`, `deleted`, `production`, `comments`, `imagename`) VALUES
   (14, 12, 0, 1, '2008-03-24 14:23:54', 0, 1, NULL, 'rhl5-v0-id20001151');

I have also created some groups on web interface.
   IBM Cloud - a computer group in which our computer is placed
   IBM Images - a group for the images which can be accessed on the cloud
   (so far only above mentioned one)
   I have mapped the "IBM Images" to "IBM Cloud", through the image mapping

Now my problem is that I currently can not add my newly created image to
the "IBM Images" group ("Image Grouping" -> Checkbox grid) when i mark the
checkbox and submit the changes it does not seem to save them.
Furthermore I can not see my image in the Image Profile section.

I will greatly appreciate any help that I can get on these problems.

Best Regards,
Milen Paskov
WSTI Intern

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