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Did you run the copydojocss.sh script in the themes directory?  It sounds like 
that is the problem.  It copies parts of dojo's css into the theme under the 
css directory.  For example, with the "default" theme, you would run

cd vcl/themes
./copydojocss.sh default

and it would copy content to vcl/themes/default/css/dojo.

As a side note, you have one strange email client - it split your email up 
into 3 Content-Type sections with the middle one using a different encoding 
than the other two.


On Thursday January 13, 2011, James Patrick Sigmon wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I have a VCL instance that I've been working on for a company.  However,
> before I came along they got the basic system setup (the webpage in
> particular).  The webpage doesn't seem to load some components quiet
> right.  For instance on the reservation screen, the image drop down list,
> is three separate boxes instead.
> I've also noticed the tabs don't load correctly either.
> I imagine this is a problem with a php component, but I'm unsure which one
> needs to be changed.  All of them are present and accounted for (could be
> a version conflict).  I was wondering if you knew which one would cause
> this off the top of your heads.  If not, I will begin the tedious process
> of guess and check :P
> Thanks,
> Patrick Sigmon
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