Thanks Josh,

That did the trick.  Didn't even realize they missed this.  You saved me a lot 
of fruitless tinkering :)

For the mac mail client you can drag pictures into the email where you want 
them to show up, instead of just attachments.  I bet that's why it split it up 
when viewed from another mail service.  In the future I'll avoid this on the 
mailing list.



On Jan 13, 2011, at 2:55 PM, Josh Thompson wrote:

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> Patrick,
> Did you run the script in the themes directory?  It sounds 
> like 
> that is the problem.  It copies parts of dojo's css into the theme under the 
> css directory.  For example, with the "default" theme, you would run
> cd vcl/themes
> ./ default
> and it would copy content to vcl/themes/default/css/dojo.
> As a side note, you have one strange email client - it split your email up 
> into 3 Content-Type sections with the middle one using a different encoding 
> than the other two.
> Josh
> On Thursday January 13, 2011, James Patrick Sigmon wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> I have a VCL instance that I've been working on for a company.  However,
>> before I came along they got the basic system setup (the webpage in
>> particular).  The webpage doesn't seem to load some components quiet
>> right.  For instance on the reservation screen, the image drop down list,
>> is three separate boxes instead.
>> I've also noticed the tabs don't load correctly either.
>> I imagine this is a problem with a php component, but I'm unsure which one
>> needs to be changed.  All of them are present and accounted for (could be
>> a version conflict).  I was wondering if you knew which one would cause
>> this off the top of your heads.  If not, I will begin the tedious process
>> of guess and check :P
>> Thanks,
>> Patrick Sigmon
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