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Let's back up a little bit.  The first thing to look at is why the image 
failed.  Unless you created your own stateless image for capturing and 
provisioning images, then xCAT will be unable to capture an image from a Power 

Did you use the steps here:


for modifying xCAT to be able to capture/deploy images?  If so, the stateless 
images linked to off of that page are for x86 hardware.  You will need to 
create your own stateless or statelite images for Power blades.


On Thursday May 19, 2011, Sunil Venkatesh wrote:
> Hi,
> We are currently in the process of configuring VCL 2.2.1 to work on a
> Power 7 blade. Our current setup is:
> 1. A web-server that hosts the Database and the Web Code. The same
> server acts as the Management node. xCAT is configured as the
> provisioning module on this node.
> 2. Power7 is our compute node.
> 3. I used the command "vcld --setup" command to create/capture base
> image of RHEL 5 that is running on the Power7 blade (by specifying the
> IP address of Power7 blade when prompted for an address).
> The creation process failed as Xianqing Yu had mentioned to us earlier.
> Although, before it failed it created appropriate entries in the tables
> image, imagerevision and resource. I was able to "Undelete" the image
> from the web page and see it under "New Reservations".
> I am facing similar problems that Mike Waldron had faced with the
> reservation. Even after making memory adjustment, I wasn't able to make
> a reservation. The time table shows all green (available), however, when
> I choose any entry from the list, it takes me directly to "New
> Reservation" page without any status/feedback. And, I don't see any
> reservations created when I check under "Current Reservations". I am
> just assuming the groupings of Images and Computers are correct, is
> there anyway I could verify the same. Also, if there is any reference to
> how the grouping need to be done, please let me know of the same.
> Please do correct me if there is anything wrong with the system setup.
> Regards,
> Sunil Venkatesh
> Research Assistant,
> MC2 Lab, UMBC.
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