In our VCL implementation at Amherst College, we are using a VMware cluster for 
our virtual machine infrastructure. Because we wanted to allow VMs to float 
between physical hosts according to how VMware prefers to balance resource use 
(VMware calls this distributed resource scheduling), I wanted to access the 
cluster as a single datacenter through the vCenter interface. From VCL's 
perspective, this allows me to put all of my virtual computers on a single VM 
Host, when in reality each of those VMs is located on one of any number of 
physical machines that the VCL can remain blithely ignorant about. 

The vSphere_SDK package, however, requires that vcld access a physical host 
directly, so I wrote a new provisioning module called VMware::vCenter. This 
module is a subclass of the vSphere_SDK package and works with version 2.2.1 of 
the VCL. The new module reimplements the vSphere_SDK subroutines that are 
incompatible with a datacenter-based connection, primarily anything that calls 
the VIExt::get_host_view() method or tries to copy or move virtual disks to new 
locations. There are a few other changes that are explained in the JIRA issue I 
created for this. I have included the relevant code in JIRA, but let me know if 
there is anything else I should do to help this along.

Best regards,

Aaron Coburn
Systems Administrator and Programmer
Academic Technology Services, Amherst College
(413) 542-5451 acob...@amherst.edu

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