Hello Josh,

After we upgrade to VCL 2.2 we are having issues with Shibboleth Issue
with Identity Management, we are unable to import classes from
peoplesoft for students. Our classes are starting next week. I wanted
to know if you had any time to help? Could we setup up a short call?

Please let me know

We are having a short meeting at 11:00 AM to discus this, I'm in the
dark about the issue myself as this was always done by our Identity
Management team.

This is what I know from eamils back and forth if it helps at all?
Might be better to speak on the phone.

For adding in VCL classes but the educoursemember attribute value
corresponding to TERM=2114 from the salt lake city database is not

The query is same and works okay in both cases like from shibboleth
Identity Provider and Roger's query. However, when I was populating
the classes using Bumble Bee netid in VCL, and Bumble bee netid was
not getting the educoursemember attribute values from Peoplesoft and
same with my netid.
Alex  Patterson
User Support Services
Operating System Analyst
California State University, East Bay

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