Sounds good. From the flow of the script I could figure that it does provide 
status for partimage. However, the comment on the webpage suggested the 
contrary (I can see it updated now), which is why I was skeptical about the 
script. I will take your suggestion on checking the updateflag.awk script. 

Thank you for the input, appreciate it.


On Sep 28, 2011, at 12:34 PM, Josh Thompson wrote:

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> Sunil,
> I cc'd the vcl-dev list.
> The URL you included was wrong. does provide status for 
> partimage 
> as well.  I updated it.
> However, xcat does not use to determine when a node is 
> successfully loaded.  updateflag.awk is a postscript that connects back to 
> xcatd on the management node to tell it the node has finished installing.  
> updateflag.awk is called from the partimageng postscript.  That's where 
> you'll 
> need to start to debug why it gets stuck in a reinstall loop.
> Josh
> On Monday September 26, 2011, Sunil Venkatesh wrote:
>> Hi Josh,
>> In regard to getting Power7 to work with VCL, I have observed a scenario in
>> respect to the node restore/install operation. Following link states that
>> currently supports only gives partimage-ng status and not
>> partimage.
>> e+and+partimage-ng+to+xCAT+2.x+%28unofficial%29
>> Since, I was having problems with compiling partimage-ng for ppc, I have
>> been using the partimage tool for capture & restore. Although the capture
>> status is obtained by the vcl daemon by monitoring for the *.capturedone
>> file, the status of restore/load/install on a node is not received
>> consistently, and hence, even though the node has been restored, on the
>> next boot the restore process repeats as the nodeset command hasn't been
>> executed for a normal boot operation. Since, this process keep recurring,
>> the restore process fails at certain times. Is there anyway I can make the
>> restore/load status to be received more consistently? Please let me know
>> if your inputs regarding the same.
>> Thanking you,
>> Regards,
>> Sunil
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