On Nov 11, 2011, at 12:03 PM, Andy Kurth wrote:

>> Can you explain what is meant by:
>> "Finalize the license agreement requirements for new committers and accept 
>> them into the project."
>> --kevan
> I changed this to:
> "Work with the individuals who have already contributed code to Apache
> VCL and have expressed interest in becoming a committer.  Assist them
> with the process of submitting the license agreement.  Complete the
> process by conducting a vote on the vcl-private list."

Right. So that we're clear -- submission of an ICLA/CLA is orthogonal to 
discussing the merits of an individual's contributions to the VCL project.

We should be able to discuss their contributions, hold a committer vote (if we 
deem the contributions merit it), and ask someone to join the project -- even 
if they have not submitted an ICLA. An ICLA is required before an Apache svn 
login will be created. But that shouldn't hold up discussion of merits…

The only time this process might be slowed down is if we know someone may not 
be willing/able to sign an ICLA. If that's the case, I'd like to see that 
discussed, also… ;-)


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