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> I couldn't find a Jira for Sunil's Power patch? Also, the svn commit?

I can't find it either.  He attempted to attach it to a vcl-dev list
post but it didn't go through.  I asked him to create an issue back in
September but I cannot locate it.  I just sent a follow up message
asking for it.  I didn't say it was committed.  Here's the thread:


> These are Aaron's patches? https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/VCL-467 and 
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/VCL-470 In general it's better to 
> receive patches as a patch file (with the grant license to the ASF checked)

The patches were submitted by Aaron Coburn.  I agree that we need to
inform people about the correct way to submit patches.  Multiple
people have copied/pasted their patches into Jira issue descriptions.
This is undesirable for a few different reasons.

> I couldn't find Kobayashi's patch or commits.

The patch is here, didn't say it was committed:

> We seem to have issues with Jira notifications. I thought I had that working, 
> sometime backā€¦.
> --kevan


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