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> Josh,
> I am wanting to change our labs PCs into thin clients. During this economic 
> time, I am looking at other alternatives to keep our old machines running. It 
> would be great to incorporate this into VCL. Any suggestions?

  This may be a case of choosing the right name to call something.

   Until a couple of years ago I had a 1998 Dell as my desktop PC -
256MB RAM, 1 GHz processor - which got upgraded to XP.  I was able to
"run" many heavy-duty programs on it via RDP client connecting to the
VCL. (Our support people finally took it away from me and gave me a
new desktop because the old one was getting unreliable after 10 years.

  Was I running a "thin client" at that time?  I would claim I was, as
I was using my screen/keyboard/mouse and the program execution was
taking place remotely in the VCL. I was using the desktop's operating
system/RDP client, but that's what one does with a "thin client" - and
I didn't have to get a license for a thin client OS.

  I did use the desktop, as is, for such things as e-mail and browser
use - and it was able to handle that load with no trouble.

  Might this approach work to fill your needs?

--henry schaffer

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