We set up our development environment by virtualizing a separate
management node using KVM.  I also look at vcld.log for errors during
development and testing.  The log gives the name of the module and line
number as each task executes which helps troubleshoot the issues.  What
version of VCL are you using?  We initially tried to use the module
(in VCL version 2.1 at the time) but ran into significant issues.  We were
told to switch to using the provisioning module which helped
alleviate a number of problems.  This may not be the issue with VCL 2.2
but we decided to stick with the provisioning module for our
nodes running esxi.

Kelly P. Robinson
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On 4/17/12 12:10 PM, "Dmitri Chebotarov" <> wrote:

>Hi, All  
>I'm looking for some help on how to setup development environment for VCL
>back-end development.
>I already have working VCL system. I need to debug and troubleshoot new
>code and changes I plan to make to VCL.
>I use Komodo IDE. Would it possible to just hit 'run' button and follow
>the code via IDE? 
>Right now I run vcld and watch vcld.log for errors, then come back to the
>code to correct issues.
>I'm working on module - trying to make reservations for ESXi 4.1
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