Hi Larry,

Thank you for the automated install script and the nice write-up, this
will be a valuable feature for the project and community.

Before we can start using the script(s) and include it in a future
release there are a couple of more steps to properly deal with IP

1 - submitting new contribution's through jira.
Jira is our feature, bug-tracker which is used to handle initial contributions.

I've created a jira issue on the automated install:
If you don't have account, it's fairly easy to create.

Once logged in, select the issue or the above link, choose more
options and select attach files.

In the attach files dialogue, upload your script(s) and select "Grant
license to ASF for inclusion in ASF works as per the apache license".
If you have trouble editing it, let me know, I might need to own the
issue to you.

2 - iCLA - Individual Contributor License Agreement (ICLA)
It looks like your following the steps listed here:

So you might have already signed and submitted secret...@apache.org -
and it's being processed. If not, since this is a substantial
contribution, please sign and submit the iCLA.

Also thanks for your interest in becoming a committer, I'll start a
discussion thread with the other project management committee members,
which would then lead to a vote thread.

Thanks again and I think we all look forward to working more with you
to help advance Apache VCL.


On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 7:29 PM, Larry Burton
<larry_bur...@runningcedar.com> wrote:
> All:
> According to the documentation, I need to "Once you have done this, you
> should express interest on the vcl-dev list that you are interested in
> becoming a committer." Yes, I would like to become a committer. In
> particular, I'd like to commit automation scripts to the project.
> It seems the next step is a vote.
> "
>  1. Be voted in as a new committer on the vcl-private list
>     There is a private VCL list for members of the Podling Project
>     Management Committee (PPMC) to discuss whether or not someone
>     should be given the rights of a committer. A formal vote must
>     happen on this list for you to be accepted as a committer."
> Do you wish my assistance for the VCL project?
> Thanks,
> Larry Burton

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