On May 11, 2012, at 3:17 PM, Josh Thompson wrote:

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> Kevan,
> Ugh.  Thanks for looking at this.  I guess it goes to show you can't just 
> trust that another project that says it is MIT licensed is *completely* MIT 
> licensed.  :(  I'll figure out a way to deal with it.  If it works out that 
> bcpowmod.php and str_split.php are not actually needed, can I just remove 
> them?  If so, do I need to document that modification somewhere?

Removal would seem to be a great way to fix. I can't see any problems with 

I don't see a need for any documentation (beyond an svn commit message), unless 
it affects the behavior of VCL (something users need to understand) or has 
potential ramifications for future development work…


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