RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is the method used for using Windows
images in the VCL.  For Windows and Macs, Microsoft makes available a
RDP Client.  It has come with Windows since XP and is available for
free download for OS X Macs.

  This note discusses the confusion of one Mac user when Sarah and I
observed him trying to use the VCL.

  One of the features of the VCL is the automated provision of an "RDP
file" which contains the settings so the user can automatically login to
the Windows image via RDP.  This save the effort of entering the IP
address, and then the login (id/pw) information.

  For this user, the difference between the RDP "program" and the "file"
wasn't apparent - i.e. he thought they referred to the same entity and
that all he needed to do was to click on "Get RDP File."  He hadn't
downloaded the RDP client - he didn't understand the necessity of doing

  Needless to say, with only the RDP file and not the (client) program
he couldn't connect - and so he was frustrated.

  We've improved the initial wording on the Connect! page - but that
will only help if the user reads and understands that information.

  This user didn't read carefully, and I suspect that many users have
had and will have this problem.
--henry schaffer

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