I recently switched my Management Node to set static IP for the public network. 
I captured a new base image successfully, but when I try to make a reservation, 
it fails with the error message "cannot update private IP". This is confusing 
me,  because it uses dhcp for the private network. The public network dhcp is 
turned off. I see the image being built on the VMware server, but the 
reservation never goes through.

Any ideas why these reservations are failing ?

Below is the error message:

State   Est/Act
Time    Total
confirming image exists(22)     0:04/0:06       0:06
confirming image exists(22)     0:04/0:01       0:07
starting load process(40)       0:06/0:00       0:07
transferring image files to host server(27)     4:15/0:49       0:56
creating configuration file(28) 0:02/0:04       1:00
starting virtual machine(48)    0:03/0:05       1:05
running post configuration(9)   5:22/1:03       2:08
running post configuration(9)   5:22/0:00       2:08
resource ready(43)      0:00/0:00       2:08
adding user account(41) 0:18/0:10       2:18

failed: failed to update private IP address

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