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>Are you using Shibboleth by itself or in conjunction with LDAP?  If not
>LDAP, do you have affiliation.shibonly set to 1 for any affiliations
>in with Shibboleth?
>On Thursday 23 February 2012 7:06:40 PM Evelio Quiros wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We are trying to configure Shibboleth for VCL. We have gotten to the
>> where a user is able to log in successfully, so the $_SERVER values are
>> but it does not add the new user into the database. Doing a search for
>> username shows nothing, even though we were able to login successfully.
>> Consequently, the logged in user has no privileges, and cannot make
>> reservations. Any ideas on what we may be missing ?
>> Thanks,
>> Al Quiros
>> Florida International University
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