Hi List.

I'm still trying to capture my first image and I'm confused.

I'm following these instructions:


I have a VM running on my ESX server, named "vcl-linux-template-1".

It's entered in the database as a machine.  When I perform that step,
the UI will only allow me to submit the image if it's set to state
"maintenance", which matches what the docs tell me to do, so that seems

But, when I run vcld -setup, I get an error:

 Enter the hostname or IP address of the computer to be captured: ('c'
 to cancel): vcl-linux-template-1

 Computer to be captured: vcl-linux-template-1 (ID: 5)
 Provisioning module: provisioning_vmware
 Install type: vmware

 ERROR: state of vcl-linux-template-1 is maintenance

Hm, okay.  So I went back to the VCL UI, and tried to set the VM state
to something else, only other option in the dropdown is "available", but
if I try to submit that I get the same error message as before: "Virtual
machines can only be added in the maintenance state."

What am I missing?

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