Hi List.  Still trying to get a successful capture and deploy to run;
here's my latest glitch.

In the VCL web interface, under "Manage Computers" -> "Edit Computer
Information", there's a single field for "IP address".  I've been
entering the private-side IP address for VM's I'm trying to capture.

...But, a few minutes ago I realized that VCL is using that field to
rewrite my VM's public-facing address configuration during the capture
process.  Needless to say, that causes a failure when the captured VM

So, I tried filling the "IP Address" field with the public-side address,
but that causes a failure when we try to capture the image, because vcld
tries to ssh to that address, which is obviously wrong, as the VCL ssh
key is trusted on the private-side sshd instance.

What should I be doing instead?  Is there any way to get the correct
address set for the public and private interfaces?  Do I have to do this
by hand in the database?

Michael Jinks :: mji...@uchicago.edu
University of Chicago IT Services

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