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i think i am on to something. it turns out i underestimated the number of check-ins the management node does, and i did not go back nearly far enough to catch the issue (i had a 2 hour gap before i could troubleshoot). the logs show the vm not responding to pings and they also show the public ip not getting set correctly. apparently, i have a typo in the mysql database that i need to track down.


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Here is a list of things to check from a previous thread (some already

- -image is in an image group
- -image group is mapped to a computer group
- -computer group contains computers in the "available" state
- -you have an active management node (it is updating lastcheckin in the
management node table)
- -management node is in a management node group
- -management node group maps to a computer group containing specified computer
from above
- -schedule for computer is available during the selected time
- -platform for image matches platform of computer
- -privileges set up in Privileges section of site to allow you to access image
and computer
- -specs of image (min RAM, min CPU speed, etc) are at or less than specs of
- -no other entries in the reservation table for the computer that overlap with
the selected time period

If you are familiar with php, you can trace through the isAvailable function
in utils.php to see where it is returning.


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