LingBo Tang wrote:
> Hi all,
> The attached file is the summary of investigation on TX with
> virtual console project. Your feedback are appreciated.
This looks like a good summary to me.

A few concerns I have are:

Whether the system will remain properly usable without the hotkeys and 
will not leave open hidden sessions.  I.e. when starting X it must move 
automatically to the new VT (if X is started on a new VT) and must kill 
any existing commandline login and must also transition back correctly.

While it is necessary for TX systems to have hotkeys off by default, we 
do allow administrators to intentionally enable solaris features that 
would not pass evaluation.  My preference would be to first use a (SMF?) 
property if the administrator has explicitely set it but otherwise 
determine the default of whether hot keys are enabled by 

 From the perspective of solaris secure by default, I do not think it is 
acceptable if hotkeys are session remappable either.  I think you need 
the keys to be administrator configurable and then need to deliver key 
events first to the VT management and if they do not match a VT hot key, 
on to the active VT session.

Multiple X servers and a gui switch event is an interesting problem.  It 
will be necessary to disable the possibility of any single label X 
sessions or one can visually emulate the switcher with trusted path.  I 
don't think that is a concern right now, but should be a noted 
requirement if a secure X switcher is mentioned.

> Regards,
> Lingbo

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