David Bustos wrote:
> Quoth Riny Qian on Mon, Jun 18, 2007 at 12:41:00PM +0800:
>> 1. svc:/system/console-login
>>     This SMF service serves for all console logins, including virtual
>>     console logins.  The default instance is used for the system
>>     console, and other instances (vt2 to vt6) are used for virtual
>>     consoles.
> If you're going to use "vt", then you should refer to them as virtual
> terminals, not virtual consoles.

Here we name the instance name to vt# because we keep consistency with
/dev/vt/# name space, VT_xxx ioctl interfaces, vt(7I), vtdaemon and so

For documentation, actually virtual terminal is equivalent to virtual
console in this project, and it's also mentioned in the manpages. We
prefer virtual console in the documentation because it sounds like more
precise and accurate.

>>     The SMF manifest delivers as:
>>         /var/svc/manifest/system/console-login.xml
>>     And the method delivers as:
>>         /lib/svc/method/console-login
>>     To meet the SMF policy, this service is delivered as follows:
>>     o The default instance is delivered enabled since it's needed
>>       in seed repository. Other instances for virtual consoles are
>>       delivered disabled, and are enabled in generic_limited_net.xml
>>       profile and generic_open.xml, and are disabled when they're
>>       in non-global zones or when the virtual console functionality
>>       is not available.
> How many instances will you deliver?  How will you disable them in
> nonglobal zones?

Six instances will be delivered by default, one (default) is for the
system console, and the other five (vt2 to vt6) are for virtual

The other five virtual console instances will be disabled via
svcadm in the service start method (console-login) when it detects
it's in nonglobal zone via smf_is_nonglobalzone.

>>     o The service is managed using the action_authorization
>>       "solaris.smf.manage.vt" which is included in the Device Security
>>       Rights Profile.
>>     o The service is local only and has no inbound network ports.
>>     o The service properties are managed using the value_authorization
>>       "solaris.smf.value.vt".
>>     o The service implements ttymon(1M) and login(1), which are
>>       in nature requires full privileges, and the following
>>       method context is used for this service:
>>                 <method_context>
>>                         <method_credential user='root' group='root' />
>>                 </method_context>
>> 2. svc:/system/vtdaemon:default
>>     This SMF service serves for secure switch between all virtual
>>     consoles including the system console .
>>     The SMF manifest delivers as:
>>         /var/svc/manifest/system/vtdaemon.xml
>>     And the method delivers as:
>>         /lib/svc/method/vtdaemon
> Is vtdaemon a script?  If not, then you should deliver it elsewhere.

Yes, it's a script, just like above console-login.


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