David Bustos wrote:
> Quoth Riny Qian on Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 03:04:43PM +0800:
>> David Bustos wrote:
>>> Quoth Riny Qian on Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 11:16:44AM +0800:
>>>>> How many instances will you deliver?  How will you disable them in
>>>>> nonglobal zones?
>>>> Six instances will be delivered by default, one (default) is for the
>>>> system console, and the other five (vt2 to vt6) are for virtual
>>>> consoles.
>>> Did you consider delivering an instance for each virtual terminal?
>> I assume you meant to add other more instances beyond default six
>> instances, then yes, users can do it via svccfg(1M).
> No, I mean vt2 to vt23 or however many virtual terminals there will be.
> Then the administrator can start a ttymon by using svcadm, rather than
> having to create an instance with svccfg.

In most cases, six instances are enough, so we don't plan to provide
more. More over, most users are used to six text console sessions and
the seventh graphical X session.  And there's no limitation on virtual
console (aka virtual terminal) number (as long as the minor node


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