Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Darren J Moffat wrote:
>> Is there a prototype of the vconsole work yet ?
>> See CR# 6446957, we need vconsole to make the GDM/GNOME "Switch User"
>> functionality work properly.
> Virtual console is also needed for gdm to replace the current
> "hacky" method used by dtlogin for "Command Line Login" so that
> users can get to a console prompt from the gdm login screen.

We are going to open '/dev/console' from system startup, and there
is no change in dtlogin for 'command line login' option therefore.
This means the user can return to command line from 'dtlogin' greeting
GUI via choosing 'command line login', and he can get to a virtual
console after login X.

On the other hand, I like gdm's way who does not provide a 'command line
login' option at all.

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